A part of focusing on 'The Family Portrait' is focusing on both sides of my family, so while exploring my Gubbi Gubbi ancestry, I'm still expanding upon my Hammer/Geldard family history and our memories of Killarney. I wanted to make a large installation, this semester, creating a room that's an amalgamation of two bedrooms from the house in Killarney. The two rooms I'm talking about were referred as 'The Green Room' and 'The Gold Room', named after the colour of the wallpaper. I wanted the amalgamation of the two rooms because when I was remembering about the gold room, I forgot the the room had two forms, the first form was as a bedroom, the second form was as an office for my grandparents and I just remembered the gold room as a combination of both. While for the green room, I wanted to include it because it was the room I mainly slept in and it had a large window that looked out to the property. I have the name 'The Sepia Room' as the amalgamation gives birth to a new room and I wanted to give a sense of nostalgia

Rough draft of the Sepia Room floorplan

Visited the UQ Art Museum to see the exhibition 'Defying Empire', thought it was very provoking and some works even resonated with me
Currently reading through the Gubbi Gubbi section of 'Noosa and Gubbi Gubbi: The Land, the People, the Conflict'. there has been some pretty horrific revelations towards the treatment towards the Gubbi Gubbi and I may use some of these insights for future compositions
Map of all documented massacres, up to 1930, provided by University of Newcastle. (Key, Yellow refers to massacres against the Indigenous and Blue refers to Europeans massacred)
I was very interested in seeing this maps progress and what it would reveal about our confronting history. 

 University of Newcastle. 2018. Map of Indigenous massacres grows to include more sites of violence across Australia. Accessed August 4th, 2018. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-27/map-of-indigenous-massacres-grows-to-include-more-sites/10040206 
After seeing his work 'OA RR' exhibited at 'Defying Empires', I wanted to look into Reko Rennie's practice. Looking into his practice, he's very interested about exploring his Indigenous identity within an Urban environment, one of his methods of manifesting his themes and ideas is through the use of street art and the diamond shape, which is a masculine symbol for his people. 
Some concept floor plans, if the Sepia Room doesn't come through, while I still have some spare single bed frames lying around. The plan on the left may end up being used for the gallery task, depending on what my peers bring to the table. The plan on the right is an alternative to the Sepia Room, the Rose Room, where I still take elements with the green room, but I'm fusing it with another room from the house 'The Pink Room'. The plan is called the Rose Room to keep with the nostalgic scheme. Though I would like to laser cut the "Welcome to the 'x' Room" text
Some rough plans for a series of works refering to massacre sites, currently working on a maquette. I've also decided to burn the wood black rather than paint it black
Brook Andrew
Was curious about looking into Brook Andrew, especially as he had spoken about being a pale indigenous artist
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