Continued working on my project towards the graduate show, 'BY MY BLOOD', I ended up going for conduit tubing as the separator between the text and the box. I chose the tubing mainly because I could conceal the wiring that would go throughout each letters more efficiently 
Personally, I'm really annoyed with how my excursion out to Miles had gone down. The people I went out with were hard to deal with and I didn't get to go into Killarney. Though I will make the most with what I have got. The majority of the images present were taken in the property of Yandarlo, a 6,000 acre property that's located 50 kilometers south west of Miles. I managed to get some interesting landscape shots, especially with photographing a storm from a distance
At Yandarlo, there was a burnoff that had occurred towards the end of the property, the burnoff ha occurred because the owners wanted to develop more farm land and I found the area to be relatively confronting. I found it confronting mainly from the presences of ash, which implies that living creatures couldn't escape the blaze. I was drawn to the the scorched earth because of my use of charcoal and my exploration of the properties of charcoal
Documented around one of the dams in Yandarlo. I found the river like form, due to the droughts, to be interesting 
Future Was Never (House Tour #1). 2018. photographs. Print size 205 x 254 mm (per image)
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